Our Story

Building a “Social Career” alongside a business career is a new concept of building our career in the new era.

Doing just one thing is simply not enough anymore.

A Social Career is a combination of career development and social activity. It enables young professionals, on their spare time, to accelerate their career while accelerating the growth of their community.

We help small businesses and nonprofits thrive while getting the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, build our skills and capabilities, diversify our network and make real impact on our society.

This is how the Social Career looks in our CV:

The New CV

What We Do

We consolidate business task forces with the aim of:
Helping nonprofits to develop income-generating initiatives for their organizations and advance their marketing capabilities
Helping small businesses within national priority areas to establish and enhance their business
Promoting and implementing social initiatives within the business sector through our community
Implementing new and innovative models for the benefit of the Israeli society

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What’s in it for the young Professionals

Opportunity to truly impact the Israeli society while realizing their business capabilities and breaking their personal ice ceiling

Gaining practical business and management experience with the guidance of the knowledgeable specialists of Nachshonim

Expanding their managerial prism
while forming their own
social and leadership agenda

Belonging to a powerful and unified community which constitutes part of the future leadership of the business sector

What’s in it for the organizations we work with

Talented and committed young professionals from the business sector helping them tackle their major and vital challenges

Advanced business products implemented by the young professionals' task forces

Power Multiplier principal – the young professionals aim to strengthen the vast knowledge and excellent capabilities which already exist in the organizations

The young professionals come to equally assist and learn. The principle of reciprocity guides us the entire way

Advisory Board

  • Ilan Cohen
    Ilan Cohen
    Entrepreneur, Former PMO director General
  • Ra’anan Dinur
    Ra’anan Dinur
    Former PMO director General
  • Rami Pinkhas
    Rami Pinkhas
    Associate Partner, AKT Human Capital Solutions

Executive Board

  • Adi Leviatan
    Adi Leviatan
    Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Aya Achimeir
    Aya Achimeir
    CEO, Debby Communications LTD
  • Oern Majar
    Oern Majar
    Editor of the Small & Medium Business section at TheMarker
  • Yael Weinstein
    Yael Weinstein
    Director of Economic Development at Tel-Aviv Global Administration
  • Guy Krasny
    Guy Krasny
    VP Business Development, Policy – Government Relations and Corporate affairs
  • Gil Messing
    Gil Messing
    Director of External Communications & Government Relations, Strauss Group


  • Sagi Shahar
    Sagi Shahar
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Arik Fuss
    Arik Fuss
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Moran Wilf
    Moran Wilf
    Activity Coordinator
  • Tal Mager
    Tal Mager
    Nachshonim Ventures Marketing Manager Owner and CEO, DigiTal Marketing
  • Dafi Lebel
    Dafi Lebel
    HR specialist at Nachshonim Ventures HR, Intel
  • Shiran Duchovny
    Shiran Duchovny
    HR specialist at Nachshonim Ventures HR, Intel

Our Partners

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Contact Us

Nachshonim Venture
3 Kalman Magen st., WeWork Sarona, Tel Aviv, Israel
Email: info@nachshons.org.il